Sunday, 29 March 2015


I was wandering in the turmoil of life
Suddenly a stubborn feeling stroke me
That feeling was planted on the soil of my heart.
A tendered seed !
The green seed of a selfless love.
Darkness of the new moon couldn't touch it
Sombre of earth also dared it.
It was the ladder for a sprouting love
Known as trust....

Friday, 26 December 2014


Oh winter,
You come again with a sea of love
Bring lots of hope to survive
You entered to the depth of my heart.

Oh winter,
Will you let me sleep on your lap??
To kiss the hem of mist
With my quavering lips .
Will the blade of dew wetted grass
Can recognize my teared eyes??
Will you fulfill the dry land of my heart
With your bosomed love ??

Oh winter,
Hug me with your chilly wind
I will warmth you with my December poems !!!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Welcoming Autumn..

শৰতৰ আগমন..
নিয়ৰৰ দলিচাত তলসৰা শেৱালীৰ
আমোলমোল সুবাস...
ৰিব ৰিব মলয়াৰ পৰশত নৈৰ পাৰত
কহুৱাৰ নাচোন...
পথাৰ ভৰা শইচ দেখি আপ্লুত
হোৱা কৃষকৰ ৰেহৰূপ..
খনিকৰৰ হাতৰ পৰশত প্ৰাণ পাই
উঠা মহিষমৰ্দিনী দুৰ্গাৰ মৃন্ময়
ফাচীবজাৰত লানি নিচিগা ভিৰ,
উন্মাদ কবিৰ শৰতৰ
প্ৰতি থকা 'বিশেষ' অনুৰাগ ...
ইত্যাদিৰ পৰা অনুমান কৰিব
পাৰি যে এয়া উৎসৱৰ বতৰ, আনন্দ
উল্লাস কৰাৰ বতৰ ৷
my heartyest welcome to the
season of Autumn ..

Blurred vision...

Is there anyone left to sleep?   
Anyone wants to spend a sleepless night?  
Or only I remain as a witness of this darkness of night
Broken hearted, free minded a guy enjoying the sparkling stars... 
Intensity of moonlight could not remove my pains … 
I’m enjoying some virtual persistence of melancholic touch in this gloomy night 
Sacred of, if my imaginations fall down from the peak of dreams! 
Is there anyone left to sleep?    
I’m still awake to witness a suspicious night in the midst of this dead and alive!
I can’t sleep 
Dreams are same what I’ve seen in imagination or in this sleepless night.
I wish I shouldn’t be there.
Surrounded by some fears of breaking my dreams, losing them
At last, they throw me to a concreted wall…
Often I tried to watch something forcefully but it seems blurred…
However, sometime unknowingly an acquainted face appears before me 
Wanted to say something, ambiguous.. Blurred…   
I see her face behind the cloud and the dark of a dense foggy night,  
Called her loudly!  
She doesn’t listen …
Words started echoing and faded afterwards…  
Distractedly forwarded my hands to touch …but 
What is this? A body or a soul
Or a reflection?
Again some imagination  fall down from the peak of dreams
Trying to catch out them
Failed, tried...failed  
Is there anyone left to sleep?    
No, no one..
Its natural… 
Still I am not alone
There is someone for whom my heart weeps 
For me she also weeps!
If there is someone then why she left me at first sight? 
I’m still waiting for ……
I know, there is someone also spending the same sleepless night with me  :) :)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

তিক্ততা. . .

জোনাকভৰা সন্ধিয়াৰ
         স্নিগ্ধ জোনটিলৈ চাই
বিছাৰিছোঁ তোমাৰ
          নীলবৰণীয়া ওঠৰ হাঁহি  ৷
যন্ত্ৰণাৰে পীড়িত
             মোৰ পৃথিৱীলৈ
তুমি নামি আহিছিলা
        এটুপি নিৰ্ভেজাল বৰষুণ ৰূপে ৷
সাৱটি ৰাখিব খুজিছিলো তোমাক
            হৃদয়ৰ এটি নিভৃত কোণত ,
আলফুলীয়াকৈ ৰাখিছিলো
              জীৱন যুজত ,
আগবাঢ়ি যোৱাৰ
            একমাত্ৰ সাহস স্বৰূপে ৷
কিন্তু, সময় আৰু সমাজৰ
               নিৰ্মম বাধাই ,
তোমাক কাঢ়ি লৈ গ'ল
         মোৰ আকাংক্ষিত মৰমৰ পৰা ৷
ব্যৰ্থ হলো তোমাক পাবলৈ
          ই সাম্ভাৱ্য আছিল মোৰ বাবে ,
হেৰুৱাইছিলো নিজকে তোমাৰ মাজত
         মনলৈ উপলব্ধি অহা নাছিল ,
তুমি যে এখন আকাশ
             মই মাত্ৰ পৃথিৱীহে  !!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

এজাক বৰষুণ ...

গছৰ জীৰ্ণ পাতবোৰক জিপাল
কৰি তুলিবলৈ ..
মৰহি যোৱা ফুলৰ সুবাস তুলিবলৈ ..
মাটিৰ কেচা গোন্ধৰ প্ৰাণ সঞ্চাৰ
কৰিবলৈ ..
কৃষকৰ মুখত সুখৰ হাঁহি বিৰিঙাবলৈ ..
শৰতত শেৱালী ফুলাৰ বতৰা লৈ ..

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Wedding of a whore....

Her lovers boozed up , embraced her ,Taking the pleasure of her soul
But she is scared , she is no longer a virgin ...
If he get a hint of it ..!
Adherence of fair and lovely cover up her youthfulness (!)
Still she want to get married .
She has a dream to be a mother of a legal child.
How much she will throw the assholes on the lap of nature ..!
Today we won't find any of those scoundrels ,the so called gentleman.
Cowards are ashamed of receiving her invitation.
But once they deceived their wives to spend the pleasurable nights with her chastity.
But today she won't weep for those pains ,
Rather she will accept someone wholeheartedly and oath to be a chaste wife. :) :)

There's no sign of tyres of luxury cars in her gateway.
There's no mark of inebriation , physical pleasure..

Today ,the wedding of a whore.